Invisalign Teeth Braces

Want straighter teeth? We can help. Dr. Philip Galvan is a certified Invisalign provider. That means that you no longer have to wear those silver smiles and endure the nicks and sores that come with metal braces, not to mention gum problems. Yikes!

Invisalign lets you straighten your teeth invisibly with custom-made aligners developed in a series. Treatment usually lasts anywhere between 11 to 18 months. Trips to the dentist are greatly reduced because the aligners are given in sets. Another good news about this system is that you can remove them when eating flossing and brushing. This greatly minimizes the risk of gum disease. And because it is invisible, your photos will still look great!

You would think that with so many advantages, what is the catch? The price? No. Invisalign costs about the same as metal braces. Come in for a free consultation and we will open new doors to your perfect smile!

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